Accessories RAMOS Ultra/Optima

RAMOS Ultra USB Modem

USB Modem with audio cable (Quad – band)

RAMOS Ultra Daisy-chain temperature sensor

Daisy-chain temperature sensor with a 1,5 m long cable

RAMOS Ultra Expander for intelligent port

The expander D8-8 is used for expanding an intelligent port up to 8 dry contacts (input/output).

High density dry contact expanders

HD expander with Dry contacts for Ramos Ultra

RAMOS Ultra Relay Box 8

Relay Box 8 is an accessory for RAMOS Ultra, which creates eight relay outputs on a single intelligent port. 

Ramos Ultra USB GSM 3G Modem

3G USB Modem for RAMOS Ultra and CONTEG Pro Server

Air-flow sensor

The air-flow sensor is a device that checks airflow in areas where consistent airflow is necessary.

Siren & strobe light

The Siren & Strobe sensor is a combination sensor that emits a loud piercing sound and a visual blinking strobe light. It is an important addition to security and safety.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector is important for security and safety. 

PIR motion detector

The PIR motion detector is another security feature.

Spot water sensor

Spot water sensors can detect water breaches.

Dry contact

Dry contact can be set as output or input.

Rope water sensor

Rope water sensors can detect if there is water on detection ropes.

Magnetic door contact

Magnetic door contact is a security feature for door or side panel status monitoring.

AC-Sensor controlled relay – normally open (110V/220V)

The AC-Sensor controlled relay is the controlling power for external devices.

4-20 mA Converter

The 4-20 mA convertor is used for integrating an analog signal.

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor is with 30 cm cable.

Temperature/ Humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor is with 30 cm cable

Rope Water Locate Sensor

The Conteg Rope Water locate sensor is designed for specific location water detection.