Outdoor network

Outdoor network

Outdoor cabinets are part of our surroundings; we can see them along streets, intersections and tunnels. We can also find them on highways and railways. In recent years, they have been used in the environmental protection field by companies involved in the development of wastewater treatment plants, solar and wind power plants. They have their place in telecommunication applications, too.

Our range of outTEG cabinets fully meet the requirements for outdoor use. Both types of our outdoor cabinet line – the single-walled outTEG I and the double-walled outTEG II – protect your installed components against weather conditions as well as vandalism, thanks to a compact design that prevents the removal of parts from the outside.

Our outTEG cabinets are mainly characterized by their resistance against all types of weather conditions and have a high degree of protection (IP55). Weather resistance is mainly thanks to the aluminum AlMg3 material used for the cabinet covers. The covers have a polyester powder coated finish with UV protection. The cabinets' welded stainless steel frames are also weather resistant.

Our outTEG racks offer a variety of different, features, from the thermal management system inside the enclosure and heating units with EC fans to air/air heat exchangers and active cooling units designed for extreme weather conditions.

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