We offer a wide range of accessories for products in our portfolio, including shelving, fiber-optical products, patch panels, earthing bars, modular plinths, castors and feet, mounting and connecting kits and rack casing.


Fixed and telescopic shelves are featured in the Conteg portfolio to support equipment that cannot be rack mounted.

Fiber-Optic Products

Are you looking for fiber-optic products? Our portfolio offers many options, including fiber-optic splice boxes.

Rack Casing

Each rack line offers a wide range of doors, side panels and top and bottom plates. We also offer many door locks systems.

Patch Panels

Patch panels are installed on the 19" vertical extrusions and used for cable termination.


Conteg racks include a standard earthing kit.

Modular Plinths

Plinths are aesthetic and stabilizing features for free-standing racks. They come in a standard height and are an alternative to adjustable feet and castors.

Castors and Feet

Conteg free-standing racks have a standard configuration with height-adjustable feet. The feet can be replaced by castors or plinths.

Mounting and Connecting Kits

Are you looking for a connecting kit to connect (bay) your racks together? You can also find mounting kits in this section.


Our accessories also include cable protection, wall-mounted holders and lighting units.

10" SOHO Accessories

The REH SOHO racks are the only Conteg racks with 10" vertical extrusion spacing.