Rack Monitoring Systems - RAMOS

RAMOS (RAck MOnitoring System) comes in four different versions, which are differentiated by their functionality levels. Each version has different features, a different number of senors as well as different inputs and outputs. The RAMOS portfolio includes a complete range of accessories for monitoring cabinets so you are able to fully monitor the cabinet's internal and external environment.

All RAMOS units come with software to configure IP addresses suitable for your computer network. The web interface also allows you to set all the parameters you wish to monitor through the RAMOS unit. This information can be transmitted in different ways: HTML, XML, SNMP and SMTP. All RAMOS devices can be used with Conteg Pro Server management software.

Comparison of RAMOS systems

Ramos Ultra

These monitoring devices with expanders allow you to connect up to 500 intelligent sensors. RAMOS Ultra also supports direct connection to GSM Modem, Modbus and many other standard Serial Communications Protocols.

Ramos Optima

This monitoring device is designed for set-ups requiring up to 8 intelligent ports, which provide connection and power to accessories and can be set as an input or output.

Ramos Mini

The RAMOS Mini is a monitoring device suitable for stand-alone racks or cabinets. IT allows connection for up to 3 sensors and 1 input and 1 output contact (change-over relay). You can see the measurement in a graph with the values of the sensor.

Ramos Plus

RAMOS Plus is the smallest model from the RAMOS range of intelligent monitoring devices.

Accessories RAMOS Ultra/Optima

Intelligent accessories for RAMOS Ultra and Optima are powered from these devices and are plug and play.

Accessories RAMOS Mini

Accessories suitable only for RAMOS Mini.