High density dry contact expanders

High density dry contact expanders




The RAMOS Ultra Expander’s D64, D128 and D192 are designed to provide high-density dry contacts in single expansion units. The RAMOS ULTRA EX-D* (* -> 64, 128 or 192) unit offers an efficient expansion solution.

Dry contacts can be configured as inputs or outputs. The EX-D64, EX-D128 and EX-D192 units are user-definable, so can be used to detect many different inputs including: UPS status, security systems, alarm panels, circuit breakers and air conditioning status. 
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  • SNMP interface for alarm/normal status.
  • When an alarm condition is activated, the description and location of the fault can be sent via email, SNMP trap, SMS, MMS, Skype, phone calls and other advanced notifications from the RAMOS ULTRA.
  • Each of the 64/128/192 dry contacts can be configured as input or signal outputs (0VDC or 5VDC), and can sink up to 20mA of current when connected to a load.
  • 19-inch mounting position, 1U high D64 and D128 expanders, 2U high D192 expander
  • Package includes mounting brackets with screws and Power supply with power cord