Open Frames RSG4

Open Frames RSG4

RSG4 high-load, four-post open frames offer  an alternative to housing  equipment in racks. These open frames provide high accessibility but require a dust-free environment with controlled access, as the protection of the equipment is limited. The load rating of these frames is up to 1500 kg (balanced load), which makes them suitable for the installation of heavy servers and disk arrays. The frames are also suitable for testing and service rooms, as they provide unlimited access to installed components. When used with HDWM, these racks fit with hot/cold aisle layouts  in data centers where there is limited floor space. 


  • 4-post frame for heavy IT hardware (up to 1500 kg)
  • Unlimited access for component installation
  • Full on-site configurability and depth adjustment
  • High Density Wire Management compatible

Nosnost 1500 kg


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Height: 42, 45 and 47U
Width: 550 mm
Depth: 500-680 mm, 740-890 mm, 920-1100 mm
Load rating: 1500 kg (balanced load; all heights)
IP rating: IP00 (no protection)
Color: RAL 9005

Unrestricted accessibility
Open frames give you  more accessibility than  standard 19" data racks, however,  there is no IP rating, so we recommend  locating these frames  in a secure, dust free environment

 Compatibility with HDWM portfolio
Two-post open frames are designed to be used  in conjunction with High Density Wire Managers and these two products are fully compatible -  more about HDWM

Standard equipment

  • 2 pairs of 19" vertical extrusions with U-marking
  • 2x top angles
  • 2x L-shaped sheet steel outside base - (inside base option)


Open Frames RSG4
Code * H (in U) Dimensions (mm)
H W Depth settings
RSG4‑42‑19/50‑LF 42 2055 550 500–680
RSG4‑42‑19/74‑LF 42 2055 550 710–890
RSG4‑42‑19/92‑LF 42 2055 550 920–1100
RSG4‑45‑19/50‑LF 45
2188 550 500–680
RSG4‑45‑19/74‑LF 45 2188 550 710–890
RSG4‑45‑19/92‑LF 45 2188
550 920–1100
RSG4‑47‑19/50‑LF 47 2277 550 500–680
RSG4‑47‑19/74‑LF 47 2277 550 710–890
RSG4‑47‑19/92‑LF 47 2277 550 920–1100

* For inward-oriented base, replace L with X in product code

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  • AutoCAD blocks RSG4 (ZIP - 1.95MB)