Targeted Cooling & Ventilation

Individual air conditioning units from our Targeted Cooling portfolio are an integral part of a complex solution for data centers. In our product portfolio, you can find all types of air conditioning units - top, wall and side. In addition, we can offer you ventilation units and other products designed for air flow distribution, the use of which is necessary to effectively cool your equipment. In this section you can also find information about the use of active doors, an effective way of cooling the cabinet's air intake and hot exhaust air.

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CoolSpot units are designed to remove low and medium heat loads in individual racks.

CoolTeg Plus

CoolTeg Plus Cooling units are designed to cool very high-density heat loads, which occur in modern data centers and server rooms. These highly efficient cooling units are available with cooling capacities of up to 81 kW.


CoolTop represents a family of precision cooling units specifically designed for installation on top of IT racks in server rooms and large data centers.


These devices produce cold water and supply it to the indoor cooling units, sending heat from the datacenter into the ambient environment.


Ventilation units and fans are used to cool devices installed in a rack using the air in the room. For medium and high heat loads, we recommend to using the cooling units from our Targeted Cooling portfolio.

Airflow Management
Passive equipment used for air flow control helps regulate the flow of air inside the cabinet and separate the hot and cold air zones. Airflow management provides efficient cooling for the installed active equipment.
S-T-S Airflow Support

Side-to-Side Airflow Support solution allows you to use high-speed network components near servers.