CoolTeg Plus

CoolTeg Plus cooling unit solutions are designed to work with the very high density heat loads typically found in today's data centers or equipment rooms. The cooling units are installed between racks in a row. The Cooling unit's  designs are in line with the designs seen in  Conteg racks, in terms of size, material and color. Our highly efficient cooling units are available with capacities of up to 81 kW and come in two variants: chilled water - CoolTeg Plus CW and direct expansion. The direct expansion comes in two versions: CoolTeg Plus DX with a compressor outside the data center and  CoolTeg Plus XC with an integrated compressor. CoolTeg Targeted Cooling is available for both closed and open air loop architecture.
CoolTeg Plus CW

CoolTeg CW units are suitable for cooling systems with a chilled water source. They can be used with free-cooling systems. The new generation is equipped with EC fans and touch display.

CoolTeg Plus DX

The CoolTeg Plus DX indoor unit with a Mitsubishi outdoor compressor unit is a highly effective system especially suitable for server rooms up to 100kW. The new generation is equipped with EC fans and touch

CoolTeg Plus XC

CoolTeg Plus XC in-row units are based on the direct expansion principal. A compressor is integrated into the indoor unit, which is connected to its outdoor condenser.