CFD Modeling

Conteg licenses a highly specialized application specifically designed to produce detailed CFD simulations of temperature distribution and airflow in the datacenter. The CFD simulation can be based on data you provide via phone and electronic file transfer with the Conteg Technical Team or gathered from onsite surveys conducted at your data center by Conteg data center specialists. Either way, Conteg, using the CFD software, will prepare a model which will provide both tabular data along with a 3D AVI simulation. The data can be used by IT and facility management staff to verify assumptions related to the operation or design of a data center, to reduce OPEX by testing optimization schemes or for planning the most efficient way of adding or rearranging IT or cooling equipment.


Computer modeling creates a bridge for information related to the operation of the mechanical systems and the varying operation of the IT equipment heat load so that the IT and facilities staff can optimize the efficacy of air flows and maximize cooling capacity. CFD modeling is a tool that can be used both in the planning stage of datacenters, as well as for the analysis of how design assumptions are functioning in an operating data center. Globally, for reasons such as good corporate citizenship, regulatory mandates and reductions in available electrical utility capacity, it has become common, almost essential, that a data center design team verify the functional characteristics of data hall projects. In order to attain effectively cooled high density IT equipment configurations, CFD modeling is also being applied to server and telecommunications equipment room designs.

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Data centers and server rooms are loaded with many different types of equipment and systems. Each of the systems for example, a row of SAN equipment, Network Switching equipment, or high density servers, results in a variety of different sources of heat and cold. How these disparate systems impact the air and pressures in the room becomes extremely complicated. Methods of computer modeling, especially Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), remove the guesswork by analyzing the variants in detail and graphically display the effects on the temperature distribution, velocity, and air pressure in the space.

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CFD modeling is not a silver bullet, but pragmatic use of the tool can help in the optimization of designs or in researching how to reduce OPEX of an operating facility. The following are some of the advantages which can be realized by implementing a CFD model for a data center or server room design, or of an existing operating data center.

  • Verification of assumptions related to how the data center or server room cooling system will operate.
  • Crisis Management – How does the designed redundancy function should a cooling unit fail? 
  • The company plans to virtualize applications, so what happens if a new bank of high density servers are added?
  • Would the data center operate more efficiently if we re-arranged some of the IT equipment?
  • Would the data center operate more efficiently if we made adjustments to the cooling system?
  • What happens if we increase the server inlet temperature to the IT equipment?
  • What happens if we increase the chilled water temperature to the cooling units?

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When a Conteg specialist with the experience of working on numerous design models collaborates with your team, together the answers to design challenges can be resolved. Even more importantly by simulating crisis scenarios, unknown variables and problems can be prevented from happening. There is no need to search for the optimal arrangement of data center solutions by trial and error. That way, each attempt costs time and unnecessary expense. Using the CDF modeling approach the layout, cooling system and power distribution can be optimized prior to construction and outlay of capital. CFD modeling enables facilities and IT staff to verify the functionality of all crises and helps prevent unpleasant surprises in the finished work. The initial up front capital costs for the CFD modeling has numerous paybacks. The CFD model is presented in an easily understood 3D graphic which can be analyzed from still images or by using animated AVI video files. The information is protected because the AVI files which can only be run in media players with a special driver provided by Conteg. These colorful three-dimensional maps of the data center or server room showing the temperature distribution, airflow velocity and room pressures, can be used to reveal areas which might need to be adjusted or possibly re-designed.  Once macro improvement adjustments are made the design can be optimized by making the final minor design changes. Lastly, the reliability of the system is tested using video simulation by re-creating cooling system failure scenarios. Final adjustments can be made using the information gleaned from the failure scenarios ensuring a safe and reliable operating environment for your IT equipment investment. Consequently, the Conteg CFD modeling services have a high value for the investor or implementer, as well as for the end consumer who gains a clear picture of the risks of data center operation.

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