Modular Plinths

Modular Plinths

Plinths are aesthetic and stabilizing features that are used instead of feet or castors. When a plinth with filter is used, the plinth supplies a sufficient amount of filtered air. Plinths can also be used for storing cables.

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  • DP-P-PDNDP-PRplinth under the rackplinth with feetsDP-PDDP-PFDP-P-PFN
  • svařovaný rám

Set of Plinth Corners - DP-PR & DP-PR-A

  • Used for all types of free-standing racks.
  • Three types of plinth corners:
    a) DP-PR-100: fixed height: 100 mm; for total load (IT equipment + rack)of  up to 800 kg (applicable also for racks 1 200 mm deep, in this case load rating is up to 1 000 kg)
    b) DP-PR-HL-100: fixed height 100 mm for total load (IT equipment + rack) of 800 kg and more
    c) DP-PR-A-100: fixed height: 100 mm; equipped with adjustable feet; for total load (IT equipment + rack) of up to 1700 kg

Set of Side Panels - DP-P-PDN & DP-P-PFN

  • Consists of:
    - 2 pcs of side panels
    - 1 pc of front panel
    - 1 pc of rear panel with opening for cable entry (size 300x50 mm)
    - opening for cable entry covered with removable blank panel
  • Two types of side panels:
    a) with openings for cable entry (in DP-P-PDN-xx/yy)
    b) with perforation and exchangeable filters (in DP-P-PFN-xx/yy)

Ordering code for exchangeable filter DP-P-PFN-FI-600 - 600 mm length, DP-P-PFN-FI-800 - 800 mm length

Plinths for 1200 mm deep racks & for space optimization sections
Set of plinth panels for rack footprint xx/yyy (height: 100 mm)

  • DP-PDN-30/xx-yy
  • DP-PDN-100-xx/yy
Set of plinth corners
Code Load rating (kg)* Package
DP-PR-100  800 1 set of 4 pcs
DP-PR-A-100  1700 1 set of 4 pcs
DP-PR-HL-100  1700 1 set of 4 pcs
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  • Datasheet Plinths (PDF - 0.3MB)
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