Local Extinguishing Systems

Local Extinguishing Systems

LES-RACK is a self-contained, fully automatic detection and fire protection system. Designed for 19" racks, this systems offers a very efficient and effective solution for protection of equipment in all types of racks and cabinets. The LES-RACK M system includes a fully equipped automatic  fire detection evaluation, and communication systems as well as fire extinguishing capabilities. Larger-sized server racks and adjacent cabinets may be protected by additional auxiliary units. The LES-RACK S system comes with a detection and communication systems and fire extinguishing capabilities. The LES -RACK can be integrated into all racks with IP30 or higher.

In case of fire, the LES-RACK system flood the protected space with clean gas and maintains required extinguishing concentration inside the racks. The extinguishing unit includes metal pressure cylinders that are filled with an extinguishing mixture (clean extinguishing gas HFC-236fa Hexafluoropropane), certified by the Technical Institute of Fire Protecion. This medium is environmentally friendly and meets the stringent European and global standards. The extinguishing effect is a combination of physical and chemical reactions, which cause no damage to equipment or materials.

Each LES-RACK device is equipped with pair of optical fire detectors, which in order to eliminate false alarms, are connected to the evaluation and control unit. The integrated control unit indicates the system's current status and controls and evaluates the extinguishing unit. The LES-RACK M system communicates with the fire alarm control panel (FACP) in the building and reports pre-alarm, alarm and extinguishing statuses.

LES -RACK comes in the following versions:

  • LES-RACK Master - basic unit with control module
  • LES-RACK Slave - expansion unit without the control module


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  • Detectors placed inside the cabinet can immediately detect a fire in initial stage
  • Extinguishing fire immediately after detection.
  • Extinguishing process does not cause any damage to the equipment
  • Easy installation - simply plug into the main switchboard.
  • It is recommended for racks with IP30 or higher.
  • Detectors and modular design allow for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Detailed and easy-to-read LED panel
  • Modest space requirements - rack that are 19" tall only occupy three units (3U )
  • Built-in battery ensures operation even during a power outage
Code Description
LES‑RACK‑M Fire detection, control, evaluation, communication and fire-extinguishing unit
LES‑RACK‑S Detection, communication and fire-extinguishing unit


LES‑RACK parameter Value LES‑RACK parameter Value
Unit width 483 mm / 19" Electrical input power max. 40 VA
Unit height 105 mm / 2.5U Protection rating IP30
Unit base depth 382 mm Shielding class (non‑interference) RO2
Total depth of detection extension,according to depth of protected equipment Max. 750 mm Supply voltage of main source 230 V ± 15 %
System weight 15.5 kg ± 3 % Supply frequency of main source 50 Hz
Weight of extinguishing agent 2 kg Maximum current supplied by main source 1.25 A
Classification of environmental conditions (according to EN 60 721‑3‑3) 3 k5 Standby current 210 mA
Environment class A Current consumption during pre‑alarm 300 mA
Operating temperature range ‑5 °C to 50 °C Current consumption during alarm 2 A
Relative air humidity 95 % non‑condensing Max. current consumed by outputs in standby 40 mA
Atmospheric pressure 70 to 106 kPa Max. current consumed by outputs during alarm 0.5 A
Operating position Horizontal – uppermost position Max. output voltage on terminal X32(batt. recharge) 13.7 V
Operation Permanent Max. current from terminal X32 (batt. recharge) 200 mA
Operating pressure at 20° C 10 bar Backup power source (150×94×65 mm) 12 V / 7.2 Ah
Maximum operating pressure 16 bar Maximum volume of protected cabinet(perforated – min. IP30) 1.5 m2
Shielding(according to ČSN EN 55 022) Class-B device Maximum volume of protected cabinet (closed) 3 m2
File type Language version

  • Datasheet LES-RACK (PDF - 0.46MB)
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  • Installation Manual LES-Rack (PDF - 0.91MB)
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  • Manual Software LES-Rack (PDF - 0.47MB)
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  • LES-RACK Software (RAR - 0.58MB)