Side Panels

Side panels for inTEG Free-Standing Enclosures


100 mm  and 200 mm height plinths allow to place the enclosure on firm base

Baying kit

Complete set for assembling the enclosures in a row

Mounting plate filler

Filler mounting plate for inTEG Free-standing enclosures

Horizontal and vertical rails

Perforated mounting rails to create additional mounting positions

Horizontal rails

Rails for mounting high-load accessories

Door-mounting rails

Door rails for installation of components

Profile for cable fixing

Profile rail C for universal or recessed mounting position

19" Vertical Extrusions

Extrusions for fixing of 19" accessories

19" Brackets

Brackets for 19" extrusions for inTEG Free-standing enclosures W 600 or 800 mm

Mounting plate - full

Spare zinc-plated mounting plate with labeled raster

Door stop

Fixing the door in open position

Door switch

The switch is used to switch on/off of the installed components such as lights, fans, cooling units

Pockets for documents

Pockets for placing  documentation inside the enclosure

Cable gland plate with gasket

Cable gland plate with 2 brushes or PU gasket

IP55 bottom kit

Special ionomer tape 100% waterproof

Utility lectern

Utility lectern for mounting on door frame