Accessories outTEG

Mounting Plate

Zinc-plated mounting plate with brackets for frame installation. Perforation system 25 mm allows changing depth of mounting position.

Vertical Rail

Vertical rails are for mounting 19” (21”) electronic components or ETSI telecomm equipment inside the outTEG cabinet.

Horizontal Rail

The horizontal rails are used for situations that require the mounting of heavy electronic equipment, or can also be used to create additional horizontal or vertical mounting planes inside the cabinet.

Lighting Unit

The low profile, slim lamp is suitable for illuminating the work space inside of the cabinet and can be used with all types of outTEG cabinets.


Bi-metal thermostat for regulating heating and cooling inside the enclosure. The Thermostat unit has adjustable upper and lower limits set to points with a 7 °C hysteresis within the temperature range of 0 to 60 °C.


The Hygrostat is used for relative humidity control in the cabinet within the range of 30% to 100%.

Pressure Compensator

The pressure compensator device is used to maintain a preset pressure differential between the outside and inside of the outTEG cabinet to prevent the ingress of dust and to keep water from forming inside the cabinet due to changes in pressure.


The RAMOS Mini is a monitoring device suitable for stand-alone racks or cabinets. They allow connection for up to 2 sensors and 1 input and 1 output contact (change-over relay). You can see the history in a graph with the values ​​of the sensor.