Outdoor Cabinets

We offer two product lines of outdoor cabinets - outTEG I single-walled cabinets and outTEG II double-walled cabinets.

With a tight mechanical design, a clear line and a vent system, outTEG satisfies the requirements of customers in both high temperature locations and in regions with extremely low temperatures. The 25 mm rack frame perforation along with internal accessories creates a highly flexible cabinet.

Using our fans, cooling units, heat exchangers and heating units will allow for a favorable climate and stable temperatures inside the cabinet.

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outTEG Configurator

outTEG II Double Natural

The outdoor double-walled rack outTEG II Double Natural provides better thermal regulation of installed components through the natural air flow between the walls.

outTEG II Double Fan

 The product line outTEG II Double Fan provides more effective heat dissipation by forced ventilation using EC fans installed in the wall or roof.

outTEG II Double Active

The outTEG II Double Active is equipped with a climate cooling or heat exchanger unit and is particularly suitable for applications in extreme conditions.

outTEG I Single

The outdoor single-walled cabinet provides basic protection of the installed equipment against all weather conditions.

outTEG Customized Solution

If you require a customized solution with climate control system or have any installation or application questions, please contact us.

Outdoor Climate Control

Filter fans, cooling units or air/air heat exchangers maintain a proper operating climate for equipment installed inside the cabinet.

Accessories outTEG

We offer wide range of accessories for outdoor cabinets

19" accessories

We offer wide range of accessories for outdoor cabinets for 19"