N profile for vertical rails

N profile for vertical rails

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  • Assembly parts
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Material: 2 mm galvanized sheet steel

Application: for 650 and 800* mm cabinet widths

Installation: on the frame profile


N profile for vertical rails
For cabinet depth mm Package Order code
400 1 set
500 1 set IDO-MR-N5
600 1 set IDO-MR-N6
700 1 set IDO-MR-N7
800 1 set IDO-MR-N8
1000 1 set IDO-MR-N10

Note: 1 set = 2 pcs

* For 800 mm width cabinets with ID-MR-Nxx, an IDO-MR-NB holder (2 sets for1 set of DO-MR-Nxx) must be ordered as well

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