CoolTeg Plus XC

CoolTeg Plus XC

CoolTeg Plus XC in-row units are based on the direct expansion principal. A compressor is integrated into the indoor unit, which is connected to its outdoor condenser.


  • No water in data center
  • Compressor safely positioned inside data center
  • Very high energy efficiency and stepless capacity control
  • Low noise of outdoor unit
  • Variable design and size of outdoor unit
  • Operation in wide range of outdoor temperatures
  • Perfect oil management for piping system
  • Ecological refrigerant R410A


  • The most efficient scroll compressor to date
  • Inverter-driven compressor built into internal unit
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant R410a
  • Electronic expansion valve and advanced steering logic
  • Stepless capacity control from 20 to 100%
  • Oil separator and Trax-oil inside
  • Low- and high-pressure safety switches
  • Refrigerant valves for easy maintenance
  • Operation in outdoor temperatures between -40 °C and +55 °C
  • Distance between indoor and outdoor unit up to 60 m

Outdoor unit:

  • Internal CoolTeg Plus XC unit compatible with any outdoor condenser with variable airflow
  • Outdoor unit for heat rejection should be designed based on the condensing temperature of the refrigerant, plus typical max. regional ambient temperatures
  • For correct design of outdoor unit, please use our Cool Tool selection software or contact our team of technical specialists
  • Local conditions determine which of Conteg's dry or wet (adiabatic) coolers can be deployed
  • Conteg is currently developing a new adiabatic cooling unit, EcoCool (compatible with CoolTeg Plus XC), to reduce overall cooling system power consumption
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CoolTeg Plus XC
Indoor unit type Unit AC-TXC-42-40
Connected outdoor unit   AC-COND2-xx-xx/EcoCool
Cooling system Direct expansion
Architecture1 Open or closed
Nominal cooling capacity2 kW 42.2
Nominal net cooling capacity3 kW 39.1
Power supply V/f/Hz 400/3/50
Running current A 22.7
Maximum current A 25.3
Fan power consumption (maximum) kW 3.1
Compressor power consumption (maximum) kW 12.3
Nominal airflow4 m3/h 9000
Number of radial fans Pcs 3
Motor fan technology EC
Refrigerant type R410A
Filter class5 G4
Height mm (U) 1978 (42U), 2111 (45U), 2245 (48U)
Width mm 400
Depth6 mm 1000 or 1200
Weight – depth 1000 mm, height 42/45/48U kg 262/270/278
Weight – depth 1200 mm, height 42/45/48U kg 274/284/294
Piping diameter – liquid line mm 16
Piping diameter – gas line mm 22

1 CoolTeg Plus units can be used either independently (in rack rows), or integrated in a Modular Closed Loop(MCL) – closed architecture rack systems and cooling units. Indoor unit type is changed as per orderingmatrix.

2 Cooling capacity is changed by controller. Nominal cooling capacity is calculated at indoor hot airtemperature 35 °C without condensation (air humidity below dew-point), outdoor temp. +35 °C, clean filters.

3 Net cooling capacity is the total cooling capacity reduced for fan heat load. Useful unit cooling capacity.

4 Airflow is automatically changed by controller. Nominal airflow matches nominal cooling capacity.

5 Units in Modular Closed Loop architecture (MCL) are delivered without filters as standard6 Units in Modular Closed Loop architecture (MCL) are available in 1200 mm depth only

6 Units in Modular Closed Loop architecture (MCL) are available in 1200 mm depth only

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  • Datasheet CoolTeg Plus XC (PDF - 0.56MB)
  • Technical Datasheet CoolTeg Plus XC (PDF - 0.41MB)
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Technical Datasheet: