Cabinet resistance heaters

Cabinet resistance heaters

Cabinet resistance heaters keep the internal ambient temperature positive in relation to the outside temperature in order to prevent condensation from forming. Cabinet resistance heaters can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position. The shape and design of the units ensures optimal heat transfer inside the cabinet.  It is recommended to use multiple units with an average lower heating output for larger cabinets as opposed to one unit operating at a higher temperature. The dual unit design is not only more effective but provides a redundant unit. Consult with the Conteg Technical Team for additional information on how best to use cabinet resistance heaters to match your application and ambient environment.

It is recommended to install heaters in order to prevent condensation forming in the cabinet. 

Supply includes:

  • Heater ready for connection
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Material: coated aluminum profile

Mounting: Heaters without fan: silicon cable 3 × 0,75 mm²,standard length 0,5 m

Heaters with fan: 3-pole connector

Connection: clip on DIN rail EN 60715 or screws


Heaters withnout fan, thermal output 55 - 500 W
Dimensions mm H
116 166 216 316 303
W 75 75 75 75 93
D 45 45 45 45 117
Operation voltage
220–240 V AC/DC
Thermal output  55 W 125 W 180 W 250 W 500 W
Order code ID-EH-5-4 ID-EH-12-4 ID-EH-18-4 ID-EH-25-4 ID-EH-50-4


Heaters with fan, thermal output 250 - 800 W
Dimensions mm H
185 185 150
W 80 80 82
D 110 110 110
Operation voltage  230 V AC; 115 V AC
Thermal output
250 W 500 W 450/800 W*
Order code ID-EH-25F-4 ID-EH-50F-4 ID-EH-80PF-4

Filter fan: air flow 48 m3/h

* two heating circuits, PTC technology

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