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Are you building or reconstructing a data center? Use ContegOn-site Services to get good support from our experienced specialistsand technicians. Together we can prevent potential complaints caused byincorrect installation. Order Conteg On-site Services and save your timeand money.

      40% Discount   40% Discount


Consulting for Data Center Solutions

Factory Pre-Assembly

Conteg Assembly Assistance

Start-up Service

On-site Product Installation

Data room layout yes
Positioning/arrangement of individual components yes
Energy studies and cooling system projects yes
Project optimization yes
CFD modeling yes
Project documentation check and verifi cation yes yes yes
Factory installation of accessories yes
Pre-shipment inspection yes yes yes
Site-readiness check (before installation) and processcoordination (during installation) yes
Delivery to site, unpacking, positioning of products yes
Installation of products yes
Final inspection yes yes
Commissioning of cooling units yes
User training yes yes yes
Handover of fi nished project yes yes yes

Discount applies only to Conteg Assembly Assistance and On-site Product Installation.

Event ends on the 31st of May 2017

For more information, please contact our pre-sales team:


+420 261 393 500


Download Leaflet On-Site Services (PDF)