New Side-to-side airflow solution

Conteg is a progressive supplier of Datacenter solutions that is staying active in many areas of the current Datacenter market. Company is always trying to bring a new solution to the customer whilst focusing on product effectiveness. Also the “Green” aspect follows the latest industry trends.  Simplicity and consistency are important factors for today’s data centres. Increase of the computing capacity has direct impact on the volume of transferred data. Currently there are several high-end network equipment producers on the market who supply products that bring a new challenge in the airflow management area. Typical suppliers of such equipment are Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc.  These newly designed high performance products are not in compliance with the current industry standard “front to back” airflow configuration where vertical or front to back airflow is being supported. In these new applications is desirable more efficient “side to side” airflow management configuration.

Conteg is taking the lead in order to come up with new solutions to meet the above mentioned challenges:


More information you can find in the datasheet.



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