Data Center Hermine - France/Bretagne

Project includes:

20x PREMIUM RSF Racks; 4x PREMIUM RSB Racks; Optical wire management system Optiway, Contained Aisle, Power Distribution Units , RAMOS monitoring system with Conteg Pro Server DC management system.

Interview with Pebsco Bretagne:

PEBSCO Bretagne has chosen CONTEG to equip its first Datacenter, Hermine, in Brest.

Why did you decide to implement this project, and why in Brest?
PEBSCO Bretagne was created in August 2014 to meet the request of shared hosting solutions in datacenters in the Finistere area, and mainly in Brest. The Bretagne area made a geographical location because it had been overlooked by datacenter operators. We wanted to rectify that—to offer a local alternative for storing their data in a dedicated and secure building, guaranteeing continuity of services while keeping control of their SI.
Why did you choose CONTEG?
A challenger is dedicated to working with challengers. CONTEG has emerged because of the quality of its equipment, affordable price, and commercial support.
How have the Conteg teams have helped you during your project?
The project has changed considerably from the first sketches to the official opening. CONTEG has adapted through all the phases, allowing us to follow the customers’ needs step by step.
We wanted our hosting offer to be accessible to all the companies and collectivities in the area; thanks to CONTEG, we can offer different rack configurations to meet customer requests.
We are particularly sensitive to the importance of urbanization in our IT rooms, due to ‘free cooling’ .
The quality of cold containment aisles is the key point of our cooling system. CONTEG racks are perfectly suited to this constraint.
What do you think of the project as a whole?
At this stage , we are satisfied both technically and aesthetically. CONTEG is a real partner.
Would you recommend CONTEG (and their solutions) to other customers?
Yes, and we expect CONTEG to assist us in further Datacenter projects in Bretagne.


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