Vertical Wire Management Panels - plastic

Vertical Wire Management Panels - plastic

The DP-VP-R wire management panels are used for vertical management of cables in free-standing racks, width 800 mm.


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  • dp-vp-vr_42_black.pngdp-vp-vr_42_black_detail.pngVertikální vyvazovací panel - plastovýVertikální vyvazovací panel - plastovýDP-VP-VR
  • For racks 15-48U high
  • Plastic duct for cable management, size 80x60mm
  • Oval openings in base of ducts allow for front-to-rear cabling
  • Ducts 33U and higher have divided cover for easier handling
  • Installation to the front part of vertical extrusions by using holder of vertical wire management panels (HVMF) - ordered separately
  • Color black (RAL 9005)


CodeH (in U)Package
DP‑VP‑VR‑15 15 1 pc
DP‑VP‑VR‑21 21 1 pc
DP‑VP‑VR‑27 27 1 pc
DP‑VP‑VR‑33 33 1 pc
DP‑VP‑VR‑42 42 1 pc
DP‑VP‑VR‑45 45, 48 1 pc
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  • Datasheet Standard cable managememt (PDF - 2.47MB)
    cs  de  en  fr  ru   
  • Cable fill calculator (XLSX - 0.13MB)