Rack Door Unit

Rack Door Unit


This daisy-chain expansion board (called RDU) connects directly to the RAMOS Ultra Unit's expansion ports and gives you full  access to the racks, cabinets, aisles and rooms and shows who accessed the equipment and when. On each RDU can be connected one reader and one lock or two latches with RMS-CON-ACS (with restricted functionality). Up to 25 RDUs can be connected in a daisy-chain to each expansion port on a RAMOS Ultra unit.

The maximum number of RDUs that can be connected to a single RAMOS Ultra unit is 100. The maximum cable length for connecting (via LAN cable) between a RDU’s and RDU with a RAMOS Ultra unit is 300 m. To access administration, you will need to use CONTEG Pro Server management software, which provides you user/group management, user access schedules, advanced analytics and notifications, time-stamped video and much more. To learn more about CONTEG Pro Server go to www.conteg.com/conteg-pro-server-management-software

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  • Reader port: communicates using Wiegand 26 b protocol and provides power to reader
  • Lock/latch control port: powering by 12V DC max. 500 mA, can read status of lock/latch
  • 2 intelligent sensor ports for monitoring accessories (sensors/detectors)
  • 2 LEDs indicate power and network connectivity
  • Connection by standard patch cable CAT 5/6
  • Voltage: 12V DC, 3 A
  • Size: 132x54x34 mm
  • Operating temperature: min. -35°C max. 80°C
  • Operating humidity: Min. 20 % - Max. 80 % (no condensation)
  • MTBF: 400,000 hours
  • Weight: 0.15 kg
  • LAN cable (1.5 m long) for connecting and power supply with power cord are included
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  • Ramos Ultra Access Control System
    • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (door unit) (PDF - 0.43MB)
    • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (PDF - 0.27MB)
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  • Accessories for Ramos Ultra ACS
    • USB card reader
      • Driver - USB card reader (ZIP - 6.61MB)
      • Manual USB Card Reader RMS-U-DCR (PDF - 1.41MB)