Hub for electronic latches

Hub for electronic latches


Hub for connecting two handles on one access RDU unit creates dual output for controlling two Conteg latches on one rack. Using the Hub can connect up to 100 racks (200 latches) on one RAMOS Ultra unit. Using the Hub with a RDU unit cannot distinguish individual handles, because the system appears as one. If any of the handles are opened or unlocked by a key or card, it will display the status for both handles as one.

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  • Hub with 3 RJ-45 ports (1 IN and 2 OUT)
  • Red LAN cable: 0.25 m long
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  • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (door unit) (PDF - 0.43MB)
  • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (PDF - 0.27MB)
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