Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Reader

RMS-ACS-FPR                   (for Rack mount)

RMS-ACS-FPR-D              (for desktop use)

The Fingerprint Reader is a extremely durable and high performance optical device used for security purposes. Integrating with RAMOS ULTRA ACS and the CONTEG Pro Server Application enables world class Time and Attendance, tracking your employee`s (or maintenance engineers`s) movements and activity throughout the working day.

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  • Optical sensor
  • 500 dpi / 8 FPS High scanning resolution
  • 0.001% False Acceptance Rate
  • Capture Area 13 x 16 mm (256 x 320 pixels)
  • Maximum 5 m communication distance     
  • Flexible integration, easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • 61 mm(L) x 34 mm(W) x 32 mm(H)
  • Cable and CD included


RAMOS Ultra ACS fingerprint reader; includes bracket for mounting


PC/Server USB fingerprint reader