Electronic latch

Electronic latch


This is an ideal solution for Conteg racks, where a separated lock is required. Can be supplied already assembled on Conteg racks. Easy connection to the Rack Door Unit (RMS-ACS-U-RDU) via attached cable with colored RJ-45 connector.

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  • Industry standard 25x150 mm panel prep
  • Can be fitted with a multi-point lock or single-point locking rod
  • Latch has a LED light which indicates the status of the handle
  • Shows the status of the lock (closed, opened, held open and forced open)
  • Latch consumes very low power (in standby mode less than 50 mA and in operational mode less than 200 mA)
  • Powered from RDU (12 V DC)
  • Latch can be opened with key
  • Cable: 4.5 m long with red boot on connector RJ-45 for right connection assembling
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  • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (door unit) (PDF - 0.43MB)
  • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (PDF - 0.27MB)
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