Access Control System

Access Control System

The RMS-ACS-02 access control system makes using Conteg racks even easier and stored equipment even safer. It allows you to remotely control access to the racks. Instead of key, all you need is a key card or PIN (or both) to open the rack.

Due to this fact, each access point requires individual configuration. This system is recommended for stand-alone racks or smaller groups of racks. The system does not support central management access rights.

RMS-ACS-02 introduces an excellent way to control access to your rack. The access control system is fully compatible with Conteg racks, RAMOS units and other accessories.


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Standard equipment:
  • Keypad with proxy reader 
  • Central unit 
  • 3x proximity access cards
  • Power supply unit
  • Cable for keyboard connection to central unit - 4.5 m length
  • Two cables for electronic door lock (DP-ZM-E1, not included)
  • Connection to central unit - 4m length
  • Cable for connection to other equipment for receiving status info from the latch (usually a RAMOS unit) - 2 m length
Electronic door lock DP-ZM-E1
Electronic door lock includes:
  • Latch body
  • Half cylinder plug with 3 keys
  • Cable (4 m long) for connecting - one and does not have a connector and can be plugged into equipment
  • Control of cabinet access
  • 3 operation modes:
    • Card-Only: access granted when a valid card is held to the unit
    • Card & PIN: access granted when a valid card is held to the unit and a valid PIN is entered
    • Card or PIN: access granted when a valid card is held to the unit or a valid PIN is entered
  • PIN codes for up to 5 users
  • 4-digit PIN code
  • Key card - EM format
  • Combination with electronic door lock (latch) - DP-ZM-E1 for front and rear doors
  • Can be used with wall-mount racks - different type of front door required
  • Can be used with a RAMOS unit to change the lock position (open lock with a key or proximity card) or control (opening/closing the doors)
  • Packed in a box; on request can be installed in the rack (together with electronic door lock)
File type Language version

  • Standalone Access System
    • Datasheet Standalone Access System (PDF - 0.12MB)
      cs  en   
    • Manual DP-ZM-ES-C (PDF - 1.27MB)
      cs  en   
    • Manual DP-ZM-ES-K (PDF - 1.31MB)
      cs  en   
  • Ramos Ultra Access Control System
    • Ramos Ultra Access Control System
      • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (door unit) (PDF - 0.43MB)
      • Datasheet Ramos Ultra Access Control System (PDF - 0.27MB)
        de  en  fr  ru   
    • Accessories for Ramos Ultra ACS
      • USB card reader
        • Driver - USB card reader (ZIP - 6.61MB)
        • Manual USB Card Reader RMS-U-DCR (PDF - 1.41MB)