Consultation on DC Solutions

Our specialists in cabling, power distribution, and cooling are ready to help you with consultations and calculations when designing your DC.

The data center works as a complex organism, in which all parts must operate properly to function reliably and efficiently. Conteg has experts in total solutions for data centers (CDCDP), specialists in issues of power distribution, cooling, fire management, cabling, etc. A well prepared project is essential for swift and correct construction, and for a completion that satisfies the customer's requirements.

Our team can design a layout of your data rooms, location of individual units (UPS, cabling, IT cabinets, fire extinguishing, engine room), as well as detailed rack distribution on floor tiles. We can offer energy studies, and also the entire cooling systems projects, using Conteg products and other brands. The goal is always to maximize the benefits, while minimizing capital and operating costs.

You can also consult with us about minor details and questions that arose during the planning, and implementation or operation of your data center or server room.

Please contact our Sales Support department, where our specialists will be more than happy to answer your questions - presales[at]

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